December 4, 2016

Painting the final corrections on my decoration for Skagen rescue station. The title is ”Rescue Zone”. It will be revealed on 20 December. Listening to ”Godspeed you the black emperor” – this group is playing symphonic rock which is quite sublime. I discovered the music recently when my daughter Anna played it for me.

My decoration is a painting on two canvases of 2X3 meters, put closely together so that the final image measures 3X4 meters. The painting is monochrome, black, graded in a large scale of grey. The subject is violent, dramatic and inconceivable. I have mixed elements of rescue men working with elements from my imagery. It is my hope that the rescue workers will use my work as a daily inspiration and joy. Perhaps they will use their interpretations of what is going on in the picture and be actively co-creators of the work, when they guide visitors in the station. The estimate number of visitors a year is about 3,000, so I guess imagination can run wild when the rescue workers have to answer questions about the content of the image? I hope so!

Now the light is fading, and I have to paint before it is getting too dark. The dusk is fantastic but unfortunately a too short period period of time to paint in!