THE TEST, 2008

15 minutes
Sponsored by the Danish Arts Council Committee for Visual Arts and the Danish Arts Foundation. A collaboration with Peter Adolphsen (words), and Palle Vedel (production). The video is a work of sound and images. Three versions of the same story meet and interact. Man in white shirt Peter Adolphsen


8 minutes
The work is a composition of sound and movement performed by a man in white shirt. Through 8 minutes, humming, he goes through a series of emotions, suppressed by the formal situation he is put in by the artist. Three succeding takes of the same performance are interfering, producing a kind of humming coir, peaking, when the tears are running down the mens cheeks. When content breaks form. Man in white shirt Claus Levin. Produced by Park Film

LOOP. 2002

6 minutes in loop, no sound
Video originally shot in Super 8 movie. A living sculpture performed by two men in white shirts. Standing: Claus Levin. Lying down: Carsten Frøkjær


14 minutes

Four portraits recorded in Rome

Seppo Mattinen, Sys Hindsbo, Mogens Kølkjær and Jørgen Kalckar each talks for 3 minutes about dreams, they've had or about dreams as a thought or symbol.